January 22, 2012

ROUNDUP: Birthday Edition

In honor of my birthday coming this week I'm doing a birthday themed Roundup. Here's what I'm rounding up this week:

Birthday Cake Cocktail
Since first trying birthday cake vodka last summer I've been excited to use it in a celebratory birthday cocktail, like this delicious sounding one from Fragrant Vanilla Cake.
Talking Michelle Tanner Doll
On my 8th birthday I got arguably the best and weirdest gift I'd ever received: a talking Michelle Tanner from Full House doll. In her sassy and oh-so-current high waisted jeans and tassel adorned MICHELLE t-shirt, she was a picture of early 90s perfection. She repeated a few choice catchphrases, like 'You Got It, Dude' and even though I later uncovered the doll during my high school years with the decade-old batteries inside of her making her talk in a demonic sounding drawl, I still have a soft spot for this weird little relic. A handful are still on Ebay!
Cupcake Beanie
Wearing this adorable cupcake hat would be the cherry on top of a fabulous birthday. 
Aquarius Tote Bag
As far as zodiac signs go, I'm pretty pleased with being an Aquarius. I'd love to show my water-bearer pride with this 70s inspired zodiac tote.
The Best Party Game Ever? Werewolves
I just learned a super fun game at a slumber party (yes, adults have slumber parties with their friends) - Werewolves. No Twilight references here; this is a simple but engrossing game for large groups that will have you guessing who among you is the murderous type and how exactly you'll be able to make it through the "night" without meeting the big bad wolf. OK, it sounds stupid but it's really addicting, I promise!


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