January 4, 2012

DIY: Sweater Guard

Any chance I get to add a little vintage inspired flair to my wardrobe is a chance I will gladly take. I love the look of sweater guards (or sweater clips as some may call them) and making them yourself is surprisingly simple. I have a couple DIY sweater guards in my collection and since I tend to see my retro loving momma eyeing them with envy, I decided to be the world's best daughter and make her one for Christmas. 

Sweater guards are great to keep your sweater on your shoulders if you want to really delve into the vintage thing, but they also serve the purpose of a necklace when hung from the top of your best cardigan.There are soooo many ways to make your own DIY sweater guard (using vintage clip on earrings is a great choice) but for illustrative purposes, I'll show you how I made this particular one. 
What You Need
2 Buttons
2 Alligator Clips (with holes at base)
Length of beads, chain or an old necklace
2 Jump Rings
Short length of chain
Jewelry Glue
Chain Cutter
Jewelry Pliers

How To Make It
1. I had an old white beaded necklace which I cut a strand from using my chain cutters to get a nice short length of beads perfect for a sweater guard.
2. Next, cut two short lengths of chain and string one length through the hole in each alligator clip. Add both ends of the chain to a jump ring, but leave the ring open.
3. Also add the length of white beads to the open jump ring and close the ring using jewlery pliers. Repeat on the other alligator clip.
4. Add a line of jewelry glue to the back of your button and place the top of your alligator clip into the glue. Hold in place until set. Repeat on the other alligator clip.
5. Let dry and you're done!
Clip those sweaters! :)



  1. Oh my Lovely Lord this is beautiful. I love the style and color selection SO much. I never really see these either, a trend starts here :)

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