January 18, 2012

DIY Bangles from a Pringles Can

I was eating from a can of Pringles a few weeks ago (which is something I really don’t do nearly often enough) and while my hand was stuck inside trying to reach the chips in the middle of the can, I had the epiphany that it fit just perfectly around my wrist. We’ve all seen a Pringles can before, right? Long tube, plastic top. BANGLE FACTORY.

By slicing rings from the can I was able to make a bunch of cool and eco-friendly bangles in just a couple of hours from stuff I had laying around my apartment. Too cool, yes? Wanna make some too? Of course you do! Here’s how:


Pringles Can
Scrap of felt
Hot Glue 
(oops Craft Glue pictured – I switched plans halfway through)
Cutting Board
Buttons or Embellishments (optional)


1. Carefully slice a ring from your washed and dried Pringles can with a sharp knife.

2. Cut two rectangles of felt: one just long enough to just wrap around the inside of your bangle and one just long enough to wrap around the outside and both slightly wider than your slice. Hot glue the felt strip on the inside of your bangle. Cut several slits in the felt, making it easier to fold and glue excess width onto the top of the bangle. Repeat with top layer, cutting, folding and gluing excess width onto the inside of the bangle.

3. Put a dot of hot glue on the inside of the bangle and place one end of your ribbon onto it until dry. Wrap ribbon (either straight or diagonally) around the bangle, covering the top and inside, securing periodically with hot glue as you go.

5. When you’ve covered the entire bangle, secure the end of your ribbon with hot glue on the inside of the bangle.

I also made some vintage fabric covered bangles which I lined with ribbon on the inside to hide my seam. For this look, simply line with felt like before and glue over it with enough fabric to cover the top and the inside, seems meeting in the middle.

Here is one I made that’s covered in felt and decorated with various buttons. I cut this one and then added bits of ribbon to tie it closed.

It’s that easy! These are totally cute and no one will ever know you’re wearing potato chip packaging on your wrist unless you want them to! With one can of Pringles you can make about a dozes bangles (more or less depending on width and how many “accidents” you may have).

If you make some please share a picture – I’d love to see them!


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