December 4, 2011

ROUNDUP: Weekly Links 12/4/11

Here's what I'm rounding up this week:
The Worst Album Covers Ever Created
Reading like an Awkward Family Photos post, this list of album covers from mostly unknowns brings us everything from topless ladies with kittens to wig-wearing elephant drummers to a 'come hither' stare from a toilet. 

10 Things 90s Kids Will Have to Explain to Their Children
Kids of the future just won't understand how we managed to wear overalls without a trace of irony, how we got so many tiny elastics in our faux cornrow hairstyles or why we were so obsessed with Will Smith, but this list is a great starting point for how to handle difficult conversations such as these in the future.

37 Ways to Tie a Scarf
You have scarves and you know how to wear them, kinda. Master the art with 37 quick instructional videos.

Celebrity Pancake Portraits
Someone loves breakfast and Ryan Gosling. Check out these pancake portraits for a confused laugh, but watch out for Ellen's maniacal teeth. 

Pig Walks on Its Front Legs
This piggy was born without legs so he figured out how to get around without them.


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