December 27, 2011


Maps are not only useful, but also beautiful and I've harbored a not-so-secret cartography crush as long as I can remember. If placed near an actual map I can literally stare at it for hours, noting locations of placed I've only heard in passing or memorizing the capitals of lesser known nations in case I ever need them on a Jeopardy appearance.

The wash of colors, the ocean, the old fashioned symbols and lines, the minimal modern approach - maps can be done in any style and still look timelessly cool. My obsession is partly knowledge-based and partly design-based, but the unique combination of smarts and style that is inherent in a map is truly unmatched. (You have no idea how hard I had to refrain from writing "unmapped" there instead. You're welcome).

Here are some of my favorite map pieces, so you can see they're not only beautiful, they're versatile!

World Map Shower Curtain
World Map Necklace
Road Map Bangles
Vintage Map Bunting
NYC Subway Map Dress
Embroidered US Map Necklace
Road Map Pendant Light
Florida Coffee Table
World Map Vinyl Wall Decal
US States Love Map


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