December 11, 2011

ROUNDUP: DIY Christmas Gifts Edition

For those who prefer a little more homemade goodness in the gifts they give, here's a roundup of some cool projects that would fit a wide range of lucky recipients.

DIY Purse from an Old Book
Turn a vintage tome into a new purse with this tutorial from Earth911. Great for readers or students, this gift would be a hit with any cool looking title or the recipient's fave read.
Tiny Polaroid Magnets
Remember your favorite people and times in miniature form with this fun photo tutorial. Perfect for almost anyone, and also great for photogs or photo lovers.
Homemade Chai Tea Kit
This creative and thoughtful gift from Rookie's Jamie Keiles is perfect for tea lovers, your mom or anyone who appreciates a fine beverage.
DIY Etched Glasses
Spice up inexpensive barware or drinking glasses with this etching tutorial and make your friends and family excited enough to toast!
Yummy Smelling Heating Pad
For the active ones in your crowd, this scented heating pad is just what the doctor ordered to soothe sore muscles and offer a sweet scent.

Happy crafting!


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