November 3, 2011

Waffle Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

I would likely rank sandwiches as my favorite food (which I know is kind of cheating since that encompasses sooo many things) so in honor of National Sandwich Day today, I bring you the new and improved breakfast sandwich! There are waffles instead of bread, you guys! This is super simple, delicious and very customizable, depending on what you like to nosh on in the A.M. (or P.M. – no one ever got mad at breakfast for dinner).

What You Need (Makes 1 Sandwich)
2 Eggs
2 Frozen Waffles
2 Frozen Veggie Sausage Patties
1Slice Cheddar
Maple Syrup (optional – if you don’t like delicious things)
Salt & Pepper

How to Make It
1. Toast frozen waffles.
2. Scramble eggs with a bit of salt and pepper.
3. Cook sausage patties and cut or crumble into smaller pieces.
4. Place a slice of cheddar on one waffle and top with eggs and sausage. Place the other waffle on top.
5. Dip into delicious maple syrup as you eat it to get a mouthful of amazing sweet and salty heaven.
6. Wonder why you’ve never replaced bread with novelty items before (pancake grilled cheese?! Ok, this probably doesn’t work for everything).

What is your favorite sandwich and can I have a bite?



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