November 8, 2011

BEAUTY: 5 Products I Love Right Now

I like to try new things, but I tend to be cautious with my wallet and even more cautious with my shelf space. All things considered, here are five products I’m happy to recommend for any person on any budget:

1. Johnson & Johnson Lavender & Chamomile Lotion
This lotion smells like a warm, cuddly bed feels. The large pump bottle goes for about $4 at drugstores and it’s worth every penny. It moisturizes well and absorbs quickly, without any greasy after effects. Some lotions on the cheaper end feel like hair conditioner on your skin – this is not one of them. Honestly, the function is all well and good, but the heavenly scent is what makes me want to apply it again and again (you’ll get whiffs with every movement!). You’ll never have a dry patch again with the addictive scent of this lotion.

2. Say Yes to Carrots Lip Balm
I’m a big fan of the Say Yes to Carrots brand as it is, but since it’s nice and natural it also tends to be on the pricey side (nothing crazy) so I only indulge when I’m not feeling cheap. Their shampoo and conditioner combo transforms your hair into a silky root vegetable infused dream, so I was hoping their lip balm would do the same for my lips. I scored this on clearance for $1 (yay!) but I think they go for around $4 regularly. I’m a diehard Burt’s Bees chapstick fan so I almost never buy lip products, but this one won me over with it’s moisturizing capabilities and the fact that I didn’t need to reapply every time I turned around like a lot of other lip balms. I command you: Say Yes to Carrots!

3. Suave Dry Shampoo
Is there any greater invention of the last century than dry shampoo? Forget the automobile, penicillin and cell phones – going an extra day without having to wash your hair is where it’s at! For those days that you just can’t bring yourself to do it, you want to preserve an amazing ‘do or maybe your hair just can’t handle the harshness of every day washing there is dry shampoo. Spray, fluff and you’ll look like a million bucks that just took a shower! It’ll be our little secret. This goes for about $3 and lasts a pretty long time with semi-frequent use. Be warned, it does have a strong fruity/tropical scent so sniff in store first.

4. Boots Sensitive Skin Face Wash & Lotion
I think I found The One! I’ve had many face washes over the years (remember Oxy pads?) and, while I’ve had a few serious courtships, I’d never fully committed until I found Expert Sensitive Gentle Cleansing Wash and lotion from Boots. The brand is less common than most, but I get this at Target in the fancy-ish section of beauty products (near Burt’s etc.) for only $4-$5 for each. The lotion lasted for almost a year, too and the face wash can be rubbed into my eyes to remove makeup with no irritation whatsoever. It’s love!

5. CoverGirl Outlast All-Day Lip Color in Ever Red-Dy
You may recall me mentioning in my What’s In My Bag post that I was in search of a red lipstain. I know Chanel is great and Mac makes some of the best lip products, but I wanted something more affordable so I’d feel like I could use it as frequently as I want without mentally calculating the cost of that use divided by the amount I have before it’s time to buy again. This CoverGirl stain was about $8 and from the first use I was hooked. The color is saturated and classic, and somehow manages to stay in place through drinking, eating and kissing all day. It will need to be smoothed over with the included clear lip gloss stick occasionally but my lips never felt desert-level dry at any point. Pro tip: exfoliate your lips first (apricot scrub works well) to get even coverage.



  1. going to go and buy the 'SAY YES TO CARROTS'

    Thanks girl.


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