September 18, 2011

ROUNDUP: Weekly Links 9/18/11

Here's what I'm rounding up this week:

Forever Lazy
I witnessed something this week. Something scary. Something which confirmed to me that our society is going downhill at a much faster rate than I'd originally anticipated. I almost shudder to speak It's name...Forever Lazy. Have you seen this?! Obviously a spin-off of the reigning As-Seen-On-TV lineup champ Snuggie, this full body warming device offers the added features of a drawstring hood, footies and, of course, the one feature the Snuggie really left us wanting: a mutha-f'ing BUTT FLAP so you can even take care of business without having to remove your beloved Forever Lazy. The name really says it all. Side note: for all you Snuggie owners, lovers OR haters: The Snuggie Sutra. Ugh.

Recycled Dishes from Zak Designs
I've been eyeing these dishes from Zak Designs for some time now and I'm just looking for an excuse to replace every bowl, plate and cup in my kitchen. These bright and beautiful wares are made from recycled plastic, which is what gives them their adorable speckled look. In addition to your typical dinner ware, they've also got sets of mixing bowls, serving trays, salt & pepper sets, napkin holders and more. Time for a kitchen re-do.

Everything Fred Flare sells is fun. They can't just have a beige, computer-nerd-looking USB hub, noooooo - it has to be shaped like a bed of tulips. They can't just sell chapstick - it has to be french fry flavored. The toothpaste? Bacon flavored. The entire site oozes flair (or Flare, in this case). Not that I'm complaining - have you seen their newly released items? Including the aforementioned Tulip USB Hub, they've also got a Mini Cupcake Maker, a miniature Top Hat Headband, Peanuts Orange Hot Chocolate and a Toast Shaped Egg Mold. How awesome would it be to have your eggs fit nicely into your bread? The answer is very.

This is hands down the best (and only acceptable) way to wrap an animal around your neck. Brought to you by Beesknees Knitting (love that name!) you can get patterns for these amazing animal themed scarves as well as the finished products themselves. With the fox, seal, dog, raccoon, lion and more, you can cozy up to your favorite animal in a cruelty-free and fashionable way. This is on my autumn wish list for sure!  

Bent Objects is a blog chronicling both adorable and humorous scenes starring inanimate objects in deliberate poses, helped along in the limb department by copious amounts of bent wire. Check out the peanut butter down on one knee for his true love, Jelly. Zombie potatoes, suicidal muffins, flying coffee beans, pierced swiss cheese and more...did I mention the zombie potatoes? If you love tiny things, food made to look like people and/or the secret side of inanimate objects then: A. you're my soul sista and B. this blog is for you.

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