September 2, 2011

OBSESSED: Mint Green Mania

It's been building for a while - a nail polish here, a cardigan there - before I knew it I was OBSESSED with mint green! In general, I love color and I definitely have some hues that have been dubbed as "my color" from my repeated use in clothes, furniture, nails and more and I think it might be time to move mint green to that list! The look, the taste, the scent; there's really no other color so appealing to the senses. My favorite chapstick is Burt's Bees mint and my favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip and I'm slowly adding the shade to every other area of my life as well. I've taken the liberty of compiling this array of fabulous mint green items: 

Some highlights:

Junior Mints scented perfume
Who doesn't want to smell fresh, clean and oh so green? I know I do!

Mint Green Roller Skates
First of all, any girl looks infinitely cuter/cooler/bad ass-er on roller skates, but to make them minty fresh too? It might be too much to handle, but I'm willing to take the risk.

Mint Green Doc Martens
I've never owned a pair of Docs myself and I didn't really think I'd see the day when they found their way to my reluctant feet, but this pair of pastel lace ups may have changed my tune. Somehow both at home in a mosh pit and an Easter egg hunt, these icy boots could add a candy sweet edge to any outfit.

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cone Necklace
Okay, okay - I'm a little biased here since this piece was handmade by me. To show my love for the best ice cream flavor OF ALL TIME, I made this polymer clay neckpiece that's just begging to be licked. The best news is that you can have one too because it's available in my Corn Cob Shop.

Sally Hansen Nail Polish in Mint Sorbet
Hands down, this is the best nail polish I've bought in months. The color is saturated, the shade is dead on, and it's a real attention grabber. For about $2 this nail polish is totally worth it. I found it to be fairly long lasting as well and it looks even better on your toes!


  1. I always regarded dolls with suspicion as a child, preferring toys without eyes. That all changed one day when a tantrum thrown in the hallowed halls of K-Mart landed me my first My Little Pony and her name was Minty. She would fit right into the beautiful palate you have shown above, jumping up to lick that ice cream cone! The new Minty has wicked obvious peppermints swirling on her ass quarters and is so Disney Channel Christmas Special Blah. MY Minty was simply mint green with tiny four leaf clovers delicately placed to make me feel extra lucky. I even sprained my collar bone falling off the top bunk in the middle of night protecting Minty and her friends. I slept on the edge so she wouldn't go galloping off into the night. I'm so possessive!

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