September 26, 2011

Reconstructing a Vintage Skirt Into 3 New Pieces

I found this awesome vintage skirt at the Salvation Army for just $5.00 and even though it was too small and too long for me, I knew I had to have it. The fabric is so ornate and beautiful and it seems to be handmade, which always tugs at my heart strings. Anytime I see a vintage anything with the telltale handmade signs (no label, messy seams, hems done by hand) I kind of have to have it. I imagine the person who created the piece decades before me cherishing it in their wardrobe and I feel a duty to save it from those who won’t appreciate it like I do. Whether I wear it as is or reconstruct it into a new piece, I always try to use every last bit of the garment so nothing goes to waste. 
This skirt ended up making a new shorter skirt, a scarf and a bracelet with nothing left behind except the original waistband for which I am actively brainstorming a new use. 

The original:

New skirt:

Slouchy scarf:


The bracelet is made from several strands of the fabric which have been either pulled to curl edges or braided, and finished with black elastic. I love these new pieces and the super vintage vibes of this fabric. I hope the original seamstress, wherever she is, would be proud!
All I have left is this original waistband - what should I make from it? My ideas so far include a belt with some kind of DIY buckle/closure, a headband or perhaps some vertical banding on a shirt. What would you do with the waistband?

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