April 18, 2018

Etsy Shop of the Month: Hurra

90s Hand Drawn Sticker Pack #2

Mmmmm, the sweet smell of nostalgia. That's the scent wafting off Hurra's etsy shop - a warm, cozy base with top notes of pizza and ALF. This shop takes you right back to your youth (or, for those on the 90s trend for the first time, your fantasy youth) with hand drawn illustrations of the decade's finest, from Cher Horowitz to Dawson Leery to Mrs. Doubtfire.

Modern culture reigns supreme here too, with avocado, pizza and Beyonce as far as the eye can see. Each person or thing produced from Hurra's pen becomes a stylized fantasy version of itself, all bright colors and kitschy winks. Their diverse sticker packs are just waiting to be stuck on your notebooks and laptops, and their t-shirts are perfect for those "oh, this old thing?" moments at trivia night.

Lipstick Sticker Pack

Avocado T-Shirt

I love the mix of major pop culture staples (Michael Jackson, Wednesday Addams) with unexpected greats like Goldie Hawn in Death Becomes Her, Lindsay Lohan in The Parent Trap and Yetta from The Nanny. There's something for everyone here!

90s Hand Drawn Sticker Pack #1

90s Hand Drawn Sticker Pack #3

Pete & Pete T-Shirt

Beyonce Sticker Pack

Girl Gang Sticker Pack

Astrology Tote Bag

Goth Sticker Pack

Pizza Slice Pin

Movies Sticker Pack

Troll Dolls T-Shirt

Junk Food Sticker Pack

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Have you seen Hurra's work before? Which sticker set would you get? What other pop culture staples should they make?

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