March 22, 2018

Etsy Shop of the Month: Howards Home Novelty Soaps

Chocolate Donut Soap with Sprinkles

Does the idea of rubbing your body with a glob of mac & cheese appeal to you? How about leaving your party guests wondering why you've got severed fingers sitting atop your bathroom counter? If so, Howards Home can help.

This shop slings all manner of novelty soaps (and inventive lip balms!), from exploding frogs to jumbo gummy bears. Not only do these handmade treats look shockingly like the real deal, they make the perfect birthday or hostess gift for the wackier folks in your life. Trust me, you know someone who is down to lather up with a fried egg.

Fried Egg Soap

Cute as a Button Soap Set  •  Pink Cupcake Soap
Chocolate Easter Bunny Soap  •  Toast with Jam Soap

From girly and cute to creepy and gross (moldy bread, anyone?) Howards Home has a lifelike novelty soap for all the dirty hands in your life. Speaking of - these seem great for tricking kids into washing their hands more often, but no promises. Just make sure they don't take a bite!

Mac & Cheese Soap
Gummy Bears Soap  •  Giant Gummy Bears Soap
Cinnamon Roll Soap  •  Hostess Cupcake Soap
Dentures Soap  •  Finger Soap Set
Swedish Fish Soap  •  Fudge Popsicle Soap Set
Popcorn Soap

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Have you seen these novelty soaps before? 
Which one would you want in your bath?

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