January 31, 2018

Etsy Shop of the Month: Fantasy Floorplans

Golden Girls House Floor Plan

Sometimes, after hours of binge watching or years of fandom, we feel so well acquainted with a certain TV show that it feels like we could walk right onto the set and, say, grab a drink from the kitchen or pop out onto the patio. We know instinctively where Monica and Rachel lay their heads, or where Dorothy and Sophia do their cheesecake eating. These homes are our homes; we know them like the back of our hand.

You can revel in that fun with the help of Fantasy Floorplans, a shop offering blueprints of all your favorite classic TV homes, spanning decades and styles. Have a favorite, like Mary Tyler Moore's sunken living room? They have it. Obsessed with Michael Scott? Why not adorn your real life wall with a mockup of the office layout?

Friends Apartment Floor Plan

Breaking Bad House Floor Plan

Carrie Bradshaw's Apartment Floor Plan

These floorplans make excellent gifts because they're unique and unexpected, yet also seem personal and thoughtful. Everyone has a favorite show! It's just such a cool way to display your fandom with a totally new twist. The visual is beautiful on its own, but once you look a little closer and notice the Stars Hollow gazebo or The Simpsons infamous couch, the art comes to life on a grander scale.

Full House Floor Plan

Roseanne House Floor Plan

Gilmore Girls Stars Hollow Town Map

The Simpsons House Floor Plan

Seinfeld & Kramer Apartment Floor Plans

Mary Tyler Moore Show Apartment Floor Plan

Twin Peaks Town Map

The Office Floor Plan

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Have you seen Fantasy Floorplans' work before? Which TV show floor plan would you love to see? What's your favorite TV home of all time?

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