August 23, 2017

Etsy Shop of the Month: Jumbo Jibbles

Carrot Body Pillow

Have you ever felt like hugging a carrot? Snuggling a lemon? Curling up with a good book and a pickle? Okay, maybe not, but surely you’ve wanted a cool, contemporary - perhaps offbeat - interior design. You can fulfill all of these wishes with Jumbo Jibbles, our August Etsy Shop of the Month. Jumbo Jibbles is a place where inanimate objects spring to oversized life to adorn your couch or bed or to simply rest in your arms. Eggplants are six feet long; blueberries are the size of beach balls, and everything - and I mean everything - is as soft to the touch as a dollop of whipped cream.

Strawberry Pillow

I’m especially enamored with the strawberry pillow, which is how I first wandered into the world of Jumbo Jibbles. Its perky red body so delightfully oversized, and its proud green top waiting to be placed just so on your comfiest armchair. I love that this piece, like many others, is both useful and decorative. It’s just good, cute fun!

Lemon Pillow

Asparagus Spear Plush/Pillow

Pickle Body Pillow

Velvet Tangerine Pillow

Kiwi Pillow

Velvet Blueberry Pillow

Pineapple Headband

Tomato Pillow

Green Apple Beanie Hat

Peach Beanie Hat

Six-Foot Eggplant Pretzel Body Pillow

I’m always a sucker for oversized or miniature things. It’s my nature. These pillows are straight out of your wildest childhood daydreams, where you might grow an apple stem right from your head or use an asparagus spear as a defensive sword. Children and fun-loving adults alike will find something to fuss over in this shop. The bright colors and soft textures (so much velvet!) are pleasing to many of the senses and the sweet attitude behind the designs is pleasing to the soul.

Designer and owner Amy Brown says in her etsy shop bio, “A stuffed carrot is the opposite of a stuffed bear. That strangeness makes me happy.” If that idea makes sense to you like it does to me, then you’ll find many reasons to smile at Jumbo Jibbles.

Follow Amy and the shop on Etsy or at @jumbojibbles

All photos via Jumbo Jibbles

Have you ever seen Jumbo Jibbles before? Would you love a stuffed fruit or veggie? What great Etsy shop have you found lately?


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