April 14, 2017

Friday Faves

Something new!

Like all good internet dwellers, I often stumble upon things I find beautiful, useful or just plain interesting, and want to share them. I'm going to do so with a bi-weekly segment called Friday Faves. It'll be a collection of stuff that's caught my eye since we last spoke and that I think you'll like too, because let's be honest - I can only text my sister so many times a day.

Charley Harper Collection for The Land of Nod

If you don't have kids or a vaguely problematic pinteresting problem you might be like, Land of WHO NOW? Reasonable. The Land of Nod is Crate & Barrel's children's branch and they just announced a collection of bedding and housewares that is, yes, technically for babies, featuring the art of noted midcentury illustrator and personal fave Charley Harper. I want ALL of this shit, and am considering how to tell my dude that I'll be ditching our queen size mattress for a crib.

You Gotta Little Lipstick on Your Ear

These amazing handmade acrylic lipstick earrings from Honey B Gold come in red AND pink!

It'd Be Really Hard to Sleep Here

This futuristic, neon pink bedroom is straight outta Jem. It also kinda makes me feel like I've been shrunken down into a Barbie Dream House bedroom circa 1986.

Ring Around the Roses

These beautiful clear resin rings filled with real flowers, hand-dyed in rainbow hues!

You're Too Sweet

These adorable food-themed office supplies are too sweet to pass up.

Taking Petty to a Whole New Level

Boston's infamous Skinny House is up for sale! Just a cool 900K for this tiny sliver of home, that's just over six feet at its narrowest. This house exists for one simple reason: spite. It was built on a remaining scrap of land to block light and harbor views from the occupant's brother next door. And you thought you knew how to hold a grudge.

More Exciting Than Watching Paint Dry

These paint palette enamel pins are so damn cute!

This Really Lights Up a Room

This sculpture by artist Matt McVeigh looks pretty on the surface, but has more to say.

B.Y.O.C. (Bring Your Own Crimper)

This tumblr is great for a little stroll down beauty product memory lane. It's a fun flash of nostalgia to see products you loved in junior high, and ads you didn't realize have been tattooed somewhere on your brain ever since you saw them in an old issue of Seventeen.

Give Them a Hand

These illustrations - and there are a ton - are always hands on a pink background, but with a new activity (yes, eating guac is an activity). I'm just weirdly obsessed with hand art.

What cool stuff have you been peeping on lately?

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