April 5, 2017

FASHION: Minimalist Hair Clips

Isn't it great when something can be cute and useful? No, I'm not talking about YOU (but I see you, girl), I'm talking about these adorable minimalist hair clips, which aside from being totally chic and spunky, also manage to keep your overgrown bangs outta your face.

I think we can all use something that keeps our spur-of-the-moment, midnight-in-the-bathroom-cut bangs out of our faces while we wait through the mandatory grow out phase, only to trim them again when we see the one good photo of ourselves with bangs and wonder why we don't try that look again.

But, duh, you don't have to have semi-regrettable bangs to use these hair clips. Basically any hair you have will be enhanced by these metal designs. Can you imagine a world in which your hair was not improved by the silky silhouette of a cat's tail? Didn't think so.

Some of my current favorite minimalist hair clips for you to drool on:

There's just something about the simplicity of these accessories that appeals to me. I'm on the hunt for perhaps a moon shaped hair clip so I can maybe wear my hair down for once without having to constantly touch it and shove it behind my ear. See? Cute AND useful!

Which hair clip is your favorite? Or are you more into maximalist hair accessories? I'd love to see those! Do you or do you not NEED those whiskers in your life?!

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