July 22, 2013

STYLE: Swimsuits & Beach Accessories

I've got swimming on the brain because, as you read this, I'm probably lazing away in a delightful New Hampshire lake. I say probably because I might also be lounging beside it, playing board games right near it or some other super lazy bones situation, depending on the exact time of day. 

My new bathing suit is a retro-style red halter top with a cute little skirt. It is literally the exact same bathing suit I've had for years, except just in red rather than my previous aqua. That is SO not my style - I like to switch it up and try new things with clothes, but when you find a bathing suit that works it's hard to swim walk away. I half spared you from that terrible pun, so you're half welcome.

Having a brand new swimsuit doesn't stop me from peeking around at these other awesome numbers. Nothing will ever quench my shopping thirst - NOTHING. Enjoy the fruits of my obsessive labor!

In honor of my new red swimsuit, I'm bringing you some red hot looks that offer a little something extra. I love how the polka dot swim dress and the heart print peplum suit are all cutesy and innocent, but the cool mod look of the belted suit is all power. Red is versatile!

Duh, there was obviously going to be a polka dot section. Polka dots add a retro flair to any bathing suit, not that this black Esther Williams suit needed the help. The white suit has great retro elements - length, ruching, neckline - but the pop of turquoise gives it a cool modern twist. This blue number flips the swimwear script with a full black bow over the chest. I know I would never stop tying and untying that thing. Bonus entertainment!

Ruffles are a swimsuit feature that I'm always drawn to, but that I generally avoid for myself. I always hear they "enhance your bust line" or something similar via ridiculous magazine-speak articles, and I am generally trying to do the exact opposite. I love the girly nature of ruffles, especially around the waist like on this purple bikini. The yellow suit will make you look and feel like a human pinata, which I am suddenly very into. This navy suit is like an evening gown for the water! She even rocks it with an armful of bangles. BRAVO!

Navy stripes are very nautical so they tend to pop up a lot in swimwear, which is fine with me. I love a good bold stripe and these suits show how you can wear it in very different styles. The bikini has great feminine accents and a high waist for a pin up look, while the skirted suit is almost dress-like and the peplum one-piece is all modern and architectural.

Floral swimwear will always be classic, but it definitely doesn't have to be boring. This bright bikini has a 60s watercolor feel and the daisy-print one piece is also very retro, while the yellow suit offers a more modern take on florals with a uniquely shaped top to boot.

You'll always keep 'em guessing in unexpected prints like these. Trust me, they will never see these coming! With most things, I often think "the weirder the better" and these suits sure do fall in line with that. This sloth just wants to hang at the beach with you and your pals - are you gonna be the one to tell him no? DIDN'T THINK SO. Shine like King Tut in a metallic gold number to let everyone know that you are beach royalty. Or you know what? Just slap some unicorns on your crotch and nips and call it a day.

Even though I usually only buy them once per decade, I'm always eyeing cute beach towels. Usually that means fun fish prints or whatever, but these vintage-inspired girly towels are something totally new. Flash some pin-up lady love at the beach while showing off your own swimsuited glory!

The pool float industry has really stepped up its game lately! It used to be that if you wanted to get wild you'd opt for that giant alligator float that pretty much everybody else had too. Now you can fold up in a pretzel and pop into a donut hole to catch your rays. This floating table is giving me all kinds of ideas - there's even a cooler in the middle. With my love of card games and my juvenile refusal to EVER get out of the water, this might be the float of my dreams!

What do you wear in the water? Are retro suits your kryptonite or are you more of a modern gal? Would you like to pull up a seat at my floating table?

p.s. Don't miss my DIY Beach Coverup from a T-Shirt tutorial from last summer - it is SUPER easy and people get all impressed with you anyway!



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