February 21, 2013

DIY: Spice Rack Makeover

I've had this cheapo spice rack kicking around in my kitchen for about five years, which, as it turns out, is about five years too many since I have barely touched the plentiful spices stored inside. My mom picked this up for super cheap (like $5) when I moved into my apartment and I used it here and there, but my supply of other spices always seemed to call to me more than these. Cut to years later when all this spice rack does is take up precious, precious counter space and periodically get splattered by the food that I'm cooking in my cramped kitchen. Not the best use, I don't think. Combine that with my constant desire for cute, unconventional storage and a crafty idea was born! I turned a no-longer-used spice rack into a handy-and-always-used craft storage rack, which is now proudly displayed on my sewing table! This kind of spice rack is pretty common, so here's how you can do it too:

Spice Rack, Acrylic Paints (white and whatever color(s) you choose), Paint Brush, 
Sticker-Back Glitter Paper, Scissors, Pencil, Sandpaper (optional)

1. Empty and clean the spice jars and wipe down the rack itself. I also sanded mine lightly, but that's optional.

2. Paint the rack with a coat or two of white paint and let it dry.

3. Paint the rack with a coat of your colored paint and let dry completely. Repeat until the coverage is opaque.

4. While the paint dries, trace a spice jar cap on the back of the sticker glitter paper. I traced 16 circles, one for each cap. Cut those out. Peel the backing off the glitter paper circles and smooth one onto the top of each cap.

5. Fill the spice jars with bits and baubles and put them back into the rack. You're done! Hooray for you!

These are great for all kinds of storage, like office supplies or beauty tools, but I chose to store my smallest craft supplies here since they can be hard to keep in a visible space. Things like googly eyes, metal studs and tiny buttons can be hard to find when you need them, but in this new storage rack they're always within sight and within reach. Plus, the whole thing adds a nice pop of color (and glitter!) to my craft space, which always puts a smile on my face.

Do you have any fun, unconventional ways that you like to store things?



  1. That's a great ides. I have that exact same spice rack but I changed out the spices it came with with ones we use all the time, so I use it all the time. That said though, this is a very clever change over to something more useful for your situation.

  2. I love this!
    I love how simple but how amazing it turned out to be!!


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