May 8, 2012

BEAUTY: Multi-Color Manicure

I love color and using nail stickers, so this manicure was a no-brainer. Here's a super simple way to get a unique nail look with things you probably already have on hand:

What You Need
5 Nail Polish Shades
[I used Wet n Wild On a Trip, Sinful Colors Paradise, Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet, Loreal Yellow Buzz and Wet n Wild Sunny Side Up]
Black Nail Polish 
[I used Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris]
Paper Reinforcement Stickers

How To Do It
1. Paint 1-2 coats of color on each finger and dry completely.

2. Place a reinforcement sticker on each nail to create a guide for the black tips. 
It helps to stick them to your skin first to remove some of the stickiness. 

3. Paint a coat of black polish on the tip of one finger.

4. Remove the sticker while the black polish is still wet. Repeat on remaining nails.

I stuck with pastel rainbow shades, but this could work with a bunch of color combos (ombre, fluorescents, etc.) and would also look great with another tip color, although I would recommend sticking to a dark shade for this part. I love using as many colors in one manicure as I can! What colors would you use?



  1. I don't know if you're into YouTube or anything but Andrea'sChoice also did a tutorial on this but I think I dig your color choices more haha

    Awesome job, this makes me wish i had a steady hand :/

    1. Yes - definitely into youtube! I'd never seen her stuff but I just checked it out and saw her rainbow and white manicure, which is really cool! The good thing with this type of method is that you don't really need a steady hand, as long as you can keep the polish on your nail...or just get good at cleanup. :)


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