April 5, 2012

BEAUTY: Wet n Wild Cosmetics

Wet n Wild was the first makeup brand I ever really used on my own, which is something I think a lot of people my age can relate to. Their prices were so cheap back then (mostly 99¢) that I could easily scoop up glittery nail polishes and way-too-bright lipsticks when I was still in elementary school. I was practically magnetized to that colorful endcap display whenever I entered a CVS and lately I’ve found myself right back there again! 

Who knew that my “play” makeup was still kind of awesome almost 20 years later? Plus, somehow (and I don’t know how) everything is priced almost exactly as I remember it way back then. I’ve found some awesome stuff for so cheap: 

Generally I stay away from inexpensive eyeshadow – not because I’m some kind of brand snob, but because I’ve found them to be mostly dry, cheap and just not worth it. This is SO not the case with WnW. They're super smooth to apply and feel really rich and creamy while still being completely powdered. The pigment is incredible too! I honestly prefer many of their palettes over some more expensive ones I’ve tried. 

Silent Treatment
Spoiled Brat
Petal Pusher

WnW is the perfect brand for when you just need a quick pencil for your brows or a white liner for your water line. They also have several fun liquid liner shades for about $3 each which makes it easy to experiment. I love the bright teal/aqua one (wearing it right now!) because the color really pops! 
Mega Liner in Turquoise

Color Icon Pencil in Turquoise and Deep Blue and Mega Last Liner in Dark Brown

Nail Polish 
These really stay put! There have been times when I keep my mani looking good for a whole week with WnW, when I’m usually hoping for, like, 4 days. The fast dry ones are great too – especially the top coat! They also have some with a “salon style” brush which is just basically wider, but it really does a great job of covering the whole nail. 
Mega Last Nail Polish in On A Trip and I Need a Refresh-Mint
I use the WnW kabuki brush everyday and have yet to be disappointed. It also holds up to regular washings. [See my DIY makeup brush cleaner here] 

The main thing I love about WnW lip products is that I can try a ton of shades without spending a lot. I’m never quite sure what color lipstick I should be wearing so I find it hard to commit to an expensive one, but I have no problem picking up 5 “maybe” shades from WnW for $5 to see what works. Plus you can try things outside your comfort zone and mix shades to get just the right look. 
Silk Finish Lipstick in Dark Wine
Do you use Wet n Wild makeup? What are your favorite products? 


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  1. The tinted moisturizer is what some of my co-workers are raving about.


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