August 28, 2011

ROUNDUP: Weekly Links 8/28/11

This week I've found so many awesome things that I want to share with you! Laughs, food, craft and more - dive in to see what I'm rounding up this week:

DIY Mason Jar Sewing Kit via Momtastic
This adorable and functional sewing kit would make an awesome gift (hint, hint) or an awesome addition to your crafting collection. Anything with mason jars gets my heart fluttering!

What Claudia Wore: Damn England, What Happened?
If you're not reading this blog you're missing out. Chronicling the full-of-flair wardrobe (glitter socks in gym class - who does that?!) of the Baby-Sitter Club's Claudia Kishi, this blog is not only a welcome blast from the past - it's a total chuckle inducer. This post shares various foreign covers of BSC classics with hilarious results (even beyond the creep fest that is Claudia's teacher/bod inspector above). 

Homes From Shipping Containers

Who knew you could live inside a metal container without being dead or homeless? Apparently this concept is now even considered high class. They're refurnished, stacked, painted and more before becoming one lucky homeowner's quirky, eco-friendly abode.

Sew Sweet Stitches: Nutella Cannolis
I love Nutella. I love cannolis. Do I really need to tell you anything more than Nutella Cannolis? CLICK THIS LINK!!!

Lisa Frank Biopic via Upright Citizens Brigade
Any girl who had papers to organize in the early 90s undoubtedly held a glossy Lisa Frank folder between her grubby little fingers. In a world where unicorns roam free and panda bears wear overalls, Lisa Frank reigns supreme and this comedic "biopic" showcases her story from hapless art student to school supply savant. Sharpen those Hollywood Bear pencils, everyone - this will be a film to write home about!

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