June 8, 2018

Friday Faves Vol. 30

This list of the best brownie recipes on the internet!

This new Crayola makeup collection!

This adorable peter pan collar sweater from Modcloth!

This list of 15 easy dinners to make when you don't feel like cooking!

This inflatable rainbow sprinkler!

This tutorial for DIY panda pom-poms!

This colorful artist palette made from flowers!

This beginner's guide to reading tarot cards!

This sassy cat zippered pouch!

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This mesmerizing video of the making of a Doc Brown figure!

What cool stuff have you seen lately?


  1. List of the best beauty packaging is great. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Those cakes look delicious!


  3. The cakes look really delicious. Love all.

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  10. You are such a talented DIY-er! Such an inspiration for many of us! I bet you could build anything, from a cat window box to a repurposed wood kitchen cabinet and make them all look amazing!


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