July 18, 2017

Trend Alert: Embroidered Flowers

Embroidered Drop Waist Dress  /  Floral Embroidered Leather Biker Jacket

Have you noticed that almost every fashion item is embroidered lately? I have! It's been building steadily for months, and now I can't do any online window shopping (browser browsing? make it happen, guys.) without spying a vast selection of floral stitching.

I'm intrigued simply because I embrace any reason to add a slew of colors to a look, but also because flowers are just so damn cheerful. I haven't officially jumped on this trend yet, but I've been doing a lot of browser browsing (whoa, guys - is this, like, a thing now?) and wanted to share some of my favorite embroidered pieces in case you want to join this stitching soiree!

Rose Embroidered Joggers  /  Floral Embroidered Knit Cropped Sweater
Embroidered Wrap Dress  /  Plus Size Floral Bomber Jacket

Embroidered Satin Bomber Jacket  /  Striped Embroidered Skirt  /  Embroidered Tie Waist Dress  /  Embroidered Smock Dress  /  Mini T-shirt Dress in Embroidered Mesh  /  Sleeveless Embroidered Tank with Lace Up Back

Embroidered Kimono Jacket  /  Flower Embroidered Sneakers  /  Embroidered Belted Dress
A Cross-Stitch in Time Heels  /  Plus Size Embroidered Bodysuit

Are you yay or nay on the embroidered trend? Do you have any favorite embroidered clothing of your own?

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