June 29, 2016

DIY: Pillow Covers from Fabric Napkins

I feel like there are a lot of jokes about ladies loving throw pillows, which, aside from being vaguely sexist and dismissive, is also kind of true. But, like, what's not to love? First you have the "throw," and - hello? - who ISN'T interested in throwing things? Then you have the "pillow," and if I have to explain the myriad virtues of the pillow to you, then something tells me you're not yet ready for a basic sewing tutorial.

I'd been keeping an eye out for a cute set of throw pillows for my couch, and after months of being underwhelmed by prints and overwhelmed by prices, I set my peepers on this cute set of fabric napkins at Target in the Easter display. Hey - inspiration can strike anywhere!

This is the joyful print that I saw in that rabbit and egg-themed pile.

I loved the vintage-inspired floral print and the kaleidoscope of colors, and I knew the napkins would be coming home with me, despite the fact that I've never used a fabric napkin outside of a restaurant in my life. The napkins were 18" squares, so I was sure they'd make perfect throw pillows.

Fabric napkins are great for this project because they're hemmed, and usually square and pillow-sized. Easy. Plus, you can find them cheap and in lots of colors and prints. Think of this unexpected shortcut as a private joke you can laugh about to yourself every time you see someone resting their head on an Easter napkin. We all need one of those.

Wanna try this? Come on!

+ Fabric Napkins
+ Pillows or Pillow Stuffing
+ Matching Fabric (optional)
+ Needle & Thread or Sewing Machine


First thangs first - iron those napkins! Likely, they've been folded and have defined creases, so iron them unless you want everyone to know your little secret.

You can use a napkin for both the front and the back of the pillow, but I chose to use a soft pink fabric for the backs, both because it's cozier and because I like the pop of color. Let me save myself some typing - I've already written a thorough DIY Envelope Pillow Cover Tutorial (complete with graphics!) so we'll be using those directions for the construction.
Basically, I cut my back pieces (two per pillow) and hem the edge that will show in the final product.

Following that tutorial, I pin all my pieces (in the right order!) and sew around the edges.

Next, flip the pillow cover right-side out. 

Stuff those suckers with pillows and you've got a new set of throws!

The pink fabric is so soft, you guys. Only downside is that I now have pink fuzz from fabric cutting overtaking my life. There are worse things.

Do you fulfill the throw-pillow-loving lady stereotype? Do you think I'm crazy for making pillows out of Easter napkins? Seriously, what I am going to do about all this pink fuzz?


  1. Such a good idea to use napkins! You never know where you're going to find the perfect fabric. And I love the contrasting soft pink side.

  2. So happy to see you mad these with a treasure from our adventure!😍

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