May 4, 2016

DIY: Minimal Nail Art

I've gotten back into doing my nails recently, after a stretch of only occasional (at home, duh) manicures and plenty of naked nail time. I started getting used to the look of bare fingernails on my hands for once. Also, it's nice to not have to do something you once found compulsory, especially when that thing makes your whole apartment stink like a science experiment gone wrong.

Even so...I'm back, baby! Screw the stinky fumes and time consuming nature of manicures! Screw the fact that I spend an hour minimum on something that is literally designed to start coming undone the second I'm finished with it! It looks fun, okay?

I like an intricately drawn wintery scene or a smattering of spring flowers as much as the next nail art enthusiast, but lately I've embraced the idea of minimal nail art.

Minimal nail art is an easy way to have some unique fun on your nails, but without the effort and commitment of a full scale design. I like to do simple, basic shapes and lines on bare nails for a decorated, but not overly fussy look. Let me just show you:


Nail Polish Colors of Your Choice
Clear Tape
Top Coat
Dotting Tool, Stickers & Nail Polish Pens (optional)


Start by applying a base coat. I like Beauty Secrets Moisturizing Base Coat, but any clear polish, or none at all, will do. It's good to shape them first too since we'll be showing a lot of naked nail.

I like to do a different design on each nail just to keep it extra loose. Some ideas are the diagonal stripe, seen here, or a basic triangle, below. I cut strips of clear tape and create a stencil of sorts right on my nail, then simply paint inside the borders of that tape. When it's dry, remove the tape quickly but carefully and you should have some nice designs.
It doesn't have to be perfect either! Minimal = easy, guys!

It's also totally fine to freehand some designs, like I did on the heart and eyelashes, or use a dotting tool to make polka dots. You can literally drop of splash on polish on the middle of each nail if you want - the point here is to be minimal and easy! Don't you love easy things?

Finish by adding a top coat and that's it! I like to mix up colors and designs, but again, do whatever feels fun to you. Sometimes I just doodle on my nails and call it a day.

I forgot: the absolute best part of this manicure is that it will last way longer than a regular paint job! You know how nail polish usually chips away around the edges first? There are no edges here, guys. Meaning your designs are safe in the center of your nail bed like a little, brightly colored island that only you have to power to remove when you're done with it. Look how powerful you are!

Are you into minimal nail art? How often do you paint your nails? How much do you love low-commitment beauty?


  1. I love it!! The "eyelash" one is my favorite!! I agree, minimalistic nail art is the best because as you say, NO EDGES to get chipped!! Hahah.

    Much LOVE!
    -Stephanie Eva

  2. Oh these are adorable!! I love the eyelash one and am planning on replicating it tonight!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

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