March 23, 2016

STYLE: 3D Geometric Earrings

Lately, I've really been loving these bold, geometric earrings I keep seeing around. Cubes, pyramids, whatever - the 3D designs feel like they're jumping right out at me. They can be simple, like the subtly raised gold triangles in #11, or super bold statement pieces, like the comin-at-ya cubes in #6, which, incidentally, really bring me back to notebook doodling and feeling like a master artist for my newfound cube-drawing skills.

Check out some cool 3D geometric earrings I've been eyeing:

Have you seen these designs popping up lately too? Which one above is your favorite? More of a pearl studs kinda gal?

1 comment:

  1. I like the pastels in #2. All of these are pretty fab, though!


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