June 9, 2014

Homemade Raspberry Italian Sodas

It's like clockwork - every year when it gets sunny and warm, I decide to devote my spring and summer to making refreshing homemade treats like popsicles, ice cream, sorbet and slush with fresh fruits and herbs. I decide on ingredient combos, I make lists, the whole nine, but then it's suddenly the end of summer and I'm lamenting all of the fresh raspberries and mint that I didn't buy at the farmer's market and therefore didn't go into my popsicle molds. Bummer.

This year, I'm dipping my toes (SEASONAL PUN!) by trying out some fun drink recipes. I made these homemade Italian sodas a while back and figured you guys might want to try them too since they're very easy to make (this is more of a "recipe" than a recipe) and very, very good. Check it out!

Club Soda
Flavored Syrup
Cream or Half & Half
Ice Cubes
Whipped Cream & Cherries [optional]

Normally, I'd include measurements for the ingredients in a recipe, but this drink wasn't really an exact science - it was more of a spontaneous concoction. I'll give you approximate measurements, but if you make it yourself, play with the ratios to make it sweeter or less sweet, depending on your tastes.

Start with plenty of ice and about 1/2 cup club soda per drink.

Add 3 TBS flavored syrup to each drink. It should mix quickly to color your club soda. I could only find sugar free raspberry Torani syrup at the time, and unless you like diet-tasting things I wouldn't really recommend it. I've since found regular raspberry Torani (at Stop & Shop for you New Englanders), but I also had luck making this with plain ol' grenadine.

Top each drink off with 1 TBS cream or half & half. Don't mix it in - let it sink down into the red and make colorful drippy designs.

This is optional, but you should probably top these babies off with whipped cream and a cherry because there's really no good reason not to, right?

As you drink it, the half & half will mix with the soda and syrup to make a creamy pink liquid that tastes delicious even though your brain will be all like "ummm, why is there cream in my soda?" but then you'll remember that root beer floats are amazing and all will be right by the second sip when your brain is silenced by the constant slurping of your straw.

Have you ever had Italian Soda? Are you a little creeped out by putting cream in a perfectly good soda? Forget that - why aren't you already drinking this?!



  1. Hahahah what a wonderful little recipe post. Your writing was so fun to read through. I've NEVER tried Italian soda, I'd actually only once heard of it, and even still didn't really know what it was that made it an "Italian Soda". I would love to try this, and I think I will! I didn't not know Stop & Shop sold Torani.... So thanks for that, fellow New Englander!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

    1. Thank you! I never knew Stop & Shop sold Torani either, but I was so happy to find a few flavors in the coffee aisle. I can't find raspberry anymore (grrr!) but they have some others! xo

  2. WOW that looks so delicious!!!! What a perfect summer drink! Definitely going to try this recipe this weekend! Thanks!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  3. Looks so delicious! Cream in soda doesn't seem that odd. Root beer floats are a perfect example, in fact. :) We don't eat dairy these days but I'll bet a spoonful of coconut cream would creamify the sodas nicely.

    1. For some reason it freaked me out a little at first, but when I thought of my beloved root beer floats it was no longer an issue. Coconut cream sounds DELICIOUS for this! xo

  4. mmm♥ it looks so delicious! this is the best recipe for a hot summer day!:)


  5. Mm this looks soooo good! I have to try this sometime :)
    Thank you for sharing this ^^

    Love, Lisette


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