Sunday, August 28, 2011

FASHION: Thrifting Loot from Savers

I've found myself in a bit of a thrifting drought lately; I search and search and only seem to find things that are too small, too big, too stained and/or too ugly. It was looking bleak - then I met Savers. We'd met before a few times, but this time we really, really clicked. I actually had that glorious moment when I liked so many things that I decided to put some clothes back by choice. No buying out of desperation here! I even found a totally Uncle Jesse inspired leather jacket for $15, but ultimately it wasn't meant to be. Here's what I took home:
Candy striper cardigan (this one is SO soft!)
Sheer floral kimono-style tie top from Old Navy
Faux fur collar cardigan with pearlized buttons 
(I've never met a faux fur collar I didn't like.)
Houndstooth cardigan 
(I would probably buy anything houndstooth print - try me.)
H&M floral cardigan
Isaac Mizrahi for Target heels (worn here)
This is an adorable piano picture frame which currently holds no photo (but does have an ugly piece of styrofoam on display). I can't decide what to put inside, but I'm loving the added detail of the tiny foot pedals. Even the little keys are raised! This is seriously cute and it was only $1.00. I have a serious weakness for piano themed items. Any suggestions for what to put inside?


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